25th Louisiana Infantry
Regimental Flag Restoration


A Group of Brindley International Historical Foundation members and descendants of Van Buren Brindley traveled from Tennessee and Alabama to New Orleans, Louisiana, for a dedication of the Flag of the 25th Louisiana Infantry Regiment at the Confederate Museum.

Alton D. Brindley delivers a speech about Van Buren Brindley and the flag restoration project.


Van Buren Brindley enlisted in the 54th Alabama infantry Regiment in September 1861. His regiment was captured while he was in the hospital with the measles, so he joined the Louisiana regiment.

A brass plaque with the names of the family members who contributed money to the restoration will be placed next to the flag.



 Alton Brindley discovered the flag on an earlier visit to the Museum. The museum was conducting a "Save A Flag" program and BIHF raised the $4,400 required for the restoration.

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