George, Jr. with his older brother Ben.
George L. Brindley, Jr.
Dusty Walker

George L. Brindley, Jr. was born on April 14, 1922 in Morgan County, Alabama to George Lafayette Brindley, Sr. and Nancy Ann Kyle Brindley. He grew up about 11 miles east of Hartselle, Alabama. George , Jr. always loved music and began his professional music career at WVOK in Birmingham, Alabama with the Shorty Sullivan Band. Shorty was the brother of Grand Ole Opry stars Lonzo and Oscar.

 Disk Jockey at WILS Radio in Lansing, Michigan.

In 1952 George, Jr. organized a country band that included Chip Sparkman and the Geer sisters from Sidney, Ohio. He took the band to Lansing, Michigan to work out a contract for the Trade Winds Night Club. That short contract lead to a career as a county music singer and disk jockey.


Dusty with his band a Buck Lake Ranch.

Dusty with Earnest Tubb in Lansing, Michigan.

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