Minutes 2009 Meeting

November 15, 2009

The annual meeting of the Brindley International Historical Foundation was held at 2:00 p.m., November 15, 2009, at the Fairview Town Hall, Fairview, AL, with President Betty Jane Chalfant presiding. Meeting opened with prayer by Harold Grimes followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Bert Chalfant. Minutes of the March 30, 2008, meeting read by Betty Jane Chalfant were approved following a motion and second by James Brindley and Harold Grimes, respectively.

Hugh Brindley presented the Treasurer's report which was approved. The balance as of November 2, 2009, was $472.16. The balance as of November 15, 2009, is $852.16.

President Chalfant acknowledged Bill and Shauna Starkweather who traveled from Utah to attend meeting. Bill is a great-grandson of George Goldwaite Brindley who is a son of Mace Thomas Payne Brindley. Also recognized were Clyde Henry Brinley and wife, Martha, from Missouri.


President Chalfant reported that 67 DNA marker testing has been completed for James Brindley.


Appreciation was extended to Joe and Fran Brindley who have been responsible for maintenance of the Mace Thomas Cemetery for many years.

Rebecca Clayton presented a copy of "Old Stagecoach Road" to Clyde Brinley in appreciation of his work on Brindley genealogy. Rebecca also gave the GPS coordinates for the following:
Asa Riggs Brindley homeplace: 85° 48 08.745¨ longitude
34° 14 28.055¨ latitude
Asa Riggs cemetery: N34° 17.160 W85° 50.200
These are located in Cherokee County, Alabama.

Bert Chalfant gave a report on the tip to England taken between late November, 2009 through Labor Day weekend, 2009. They visited Brindley Mill where they learned that electrical rewiring had been done. A grocery store chain is having some excavation work done in the area and it is felt that this will be beneficial to the mill. Bert also read the obituary for Peter Copson, 1918-2009. Bert expressed his hope for continuing future trips to "Brindley Country".

Clyde Brinley presented DNA information on testing already completed and made kids available for anyone interested in having testing done. Clyde has researched Brinley, Brindley, and Brinlee genealogy for 45 years and he coordinates the Family Tree DNA Program for Brinley, Brindley, and Brinlee family names.

A motion to have BIHF pay for 37 marker DNA testing on Dennis Brindley (Asa Riggs Brindley line) and Joe Yeager Brindley (Mace Thomas Payne Brindley line) was made. Motion approved.

Following a recommendation by Helen Brindley, a motion was made by Karen Watson, seconded by Bill Starkweather, to pay a genealogist $250.00 to do research in Virginia. Motion approved.

Motion to contract someone (to be under Harold Grimes and Joe Brindley's supervision) to mow Mace Thomas Payne Cemetery between May and September was approved.



Ray Buchmann, President of Buchmann Tire & Retreading, Inc., reported that Peoples Tires will be offering a free oil change and car inspection to families who have a family member who has been deployed.

Betty Chalfant announced that the newsletter printed by the Collinsville Historical Association has an article in the Fall, 2008, issue on the Asa Riggs Brindley family Civil War stories. Information was provided by Rebecca Clayton.

The 2010 BIHF meeting will be held in Nashville in the spring. Exact time and location of meeting is to be announced. Peter and Gwynneth Brindley from Wales are expected to attend as well as Jeff Brindley from Pulaski, Tennessee.

Meeting adjourned at 3:50 p.m. with prayer by James Brindley.

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